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Aikosha Co., Ltd.


Achieved micro processing of Ø0.015 mm!

NC micro cutting process

Cutting process of various shapes is possible with CNC precision automatic lathe that "grinds", "shoves", and "combines" micro rounded parts of Ø6mm and below.Moreover, with highly accurate cutting process by combining this with micro measurement techniques, development of optimum program, and small lot production to mass production through system, we can quickly process the required quantity.

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We aim for wide range of activities in micro range!

MC process

MC process

We can meet various requirements.Please feel
free to consult us, as wecan support you from
prototype making stage.

AIKOSHA specializes in NC micro cutting process, and it undertakes micro processing of parts and components like components of contact probe for electric testing of electronic components (semiconductors, printed circuit board, etc.), medical device components, and industrial equipment components.Our stable, high quality, and precise NC micro cutting components are used by our customers in a wide range of fields such as electric testing of electronic components, medical devices, and industrial equipments.Moreover, based on the know-how and technology of NC micro cutting process built over many years, we will continue to offer various services in the areas of MC micro cutting and micro range of machining. In addition to reliable NC micro cutting components※, please contact AIKOSHA if you are looking for MC micro processing components.

Especially, customers planning to migrate to rounded components of Ø4 mm and below,and customers looking for more compact components, please contact AIKOSHA!

Why does customers select Aikosha's NC micro cutting process?

Main facilities and equipments

  • CNC lathe
  • Machining center
  • Measurement devices

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Press releases

Our excellent technologies have been covered by media.

Our technology was covered in "World's smallest needle tip - Present of small and medium companies" in a program broadcasted by NHK. You can view details from the video provided on the left side.

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Aikosha Co., Ltd.

Head office

Head office

5F Office Krond Building, Issha 3-108, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Japan.
[TEL] +81-52-701-8711
[FAX] +81-52-701-8686

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Hichiso Plant

Hichiso Plant

489 Kawanami, Hichiso-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu, Japan.
[TEL] +81-574-48-2125
[FAX] +81-574-48-2126

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