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Aikosha Co., Ltd.


After our founding in 1934, with micro cutting process technologies that we have learnt through making parts and components of watches, we support requirements for high precision parts and components.
So far, we have equipped ourselves with technologies that can allow us machining from the earlier level of 1/50 to 1/100.
Going forward as well, we will take initiatives for making even finer and more precise components.
CNC automatic lathe machines We have about 100 machines
We have about 100 CNC automatic lathe machines, which are the key machines for superfine cutting process and composite cutting process.
Our operators build optimum programs and make systems, which helps in delivering mass production of micro components in short delivery schedules.
We can handle orders for small lots!
We can handle orders for small lots (about 100 pieces) to medium size lots (about 100,000 pieces).
We will make the required components in the quantity desired by the customer.
We can handle short turnaround!
Please let us know your expected delivery schedule. We will align with your expected delivery schedule!
※We may not be able to support you depending on the condition and the order quantity.
All process stages are handled internally!
We can handle speedy production with integrated production process. We supply stable quality products with our end-to-end coordination capabilities.

Technical capabilities of Aikosha

  • 1. Superfine cutting technology
  • 2. Cutting surface finishing
  • 3. Burr removal process technology
  • 4. Hole making process technology
  • 5. Dimension management
  • 6. Strong after market support
  • 7. Surface treatment
  • See details of NC micro cutting process

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