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Aikosha Co., Ltd.


1. Contact Us


Please contact us through telephone, fax, or email.
Please give us a call for urgent inquiries.
In case of email, we will reply back after checking the contents of your email.


Click here for sending us email.


2. Meeting


After you contact us, we will hold a meeting if required.
Please arrange for drawings or other material that can give some idea about configuration.
Based on the meeting, we will check and confirm the materials and processing methods. Depending on the details, we will visit with our engineer, and propose methods that can reduce the fabrication cost.
We also make prototypes (on chargeable basis).


3. Quotation and order


Based on the meeting, we will submit our quotation within 3 business days.
Please release a purchase order if specifications and price are acceptable, so that we can confirm the order.


4. Fabrication



5. Delivery

We will ship the micro processing components by FedEx or other similar means.
We also divide the packaging into outer box and inner box, so that no damage occurs during transportation.

(1) Products are placed in a vinyl bak equipped with chuck.
(2) On the bag, we will put the item tag and affix it with tape.
(3) When there are multiple bags, we will put all the bags in one big bag with silica gel, and close it with tape.
(4) We will then put underlay (cardboard) in the inner box, and place an air bag on the top of it.
(5) We will place products on it and protect them with the air bag.
(6) We will seal the inner box, and further protect it with an air bag. We will place item tag on it.
(7) These are then placed in the outer box (cardboard), which is closed with the craft tape for protection. Shipment is now ready.



Contact us through email.

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