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Aikosha Co., Ltd.


We can handle prototype to mass production of micro cutting process parts and components!

To the customer looking for contracting fine parts and components for developing new articles, we offer superfine and precise parts and components leveraging our technology of making long and thin parts and components accumulated through contact probe.

1. Superfine cutting technology

We can handle superfine cutting process from external diameter φ0.05mm and onwards. We can also take care of mass production.

External diameter 0.05mm

External diameter 0.08mm Total length 6mm

2. Cutting surface finishing

We are known for stability and neatness of grinding.

Surface roughness measurement with laser microscope

Example of overall finishing

Profile 1 Ra Ry Rz
Overall 0.04um 0.48um 0.29um

3. Burr removal process technology

Our indigenous process technology reduces burr generated during process.

Front crown process part expanded

Integrated barrel with holes on side

4. Process technology for hole making

We can make very fine holes starting from hole diameter φ0.09mm. Inner surface is also smooth and neat.

Hole machining inner surface expanded

Hole diameter 0.09 mm  Depth 1.0 mm

5. Dimension control

Our indigenous process control maintains stable dimensional accuracy.



6. Strong after market support

We will support you even after delivery by submitting various documents and conducting different
types of analysis.

Example of evaluation equipment: Contactless fully automated measurement system

Analysis equipment: Laser microscope


6. Strong after market support

Quality assurance support coherent with various surface treatments in collaboration with business partners.

【Case examples】
・Beryllium copper  Aging treatment
・SK material  Heat treatment
・Hard gold plating
・Palladium cobalt plating
・Rhodium plating
・Lubricant metal coating
・Multilayer plating

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