Fabricating ultra-micro items(φ1mm or smaller ) is our forte. We manufacture, sell contact probes and contact probe pins with the utilization of such technique. Through our activities, we have established a tight-knit bond with the growing semiconductor industry.

Hichiso factory being the only production hub in Gifu, all our products are MADE IN HICHISO. Besides, our products are being widely used all over the world, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, America and more. We have been continuously chosen by both domestic and foreign customers owing to our cultivated technique and the capability of operating over 120 units of CNC Precision Automatic Lathes.

AIKOSHA Products

AIKOSHA Products

We manufacture and sell microscopic metallic needles used in the energization inspections of semiconductors and components for contact probes.

Contact probe is a measuring needle, which is made up of 2 microscopic pins(φ1mm or smaller) , 1 pipe with 1 spring, used in the inspection process (to differentiate non-defective items from defective ones) of semiconductors.

As electronic equipment and hi-tech products handled by people all over the world have become more and more compact and tiny, semiconductors and the contact probes to inspect them have been increasing required to be even more precise and minuscule.

At AIKOSHA, we continue our quest in refinement and minimization alongside the semiconductor industry.

[ Manufacturing contact probes and the inspection process of semiconductors ]

Manufacturing contact probes and the inspection process of semiconductors

AIKOSHA‘s Technique

AIKOSHA Technology

Our “Made In AIKOSHA” Pride.AIKOSHA’s one-and-only “Technique” has been
continuously refined since 1934.

Fabricating ultra-micro parts (φ1mm or smaller), especially φ0.025mm class parts, requires products with extremely high technological capabilities that only AIKOSHA can manufacture. Microscopic components that are thinner than hair (1 micron unit in size) requires not only fabrication technology, but measuring technology as well. In addition, this requires specialized materials, tools, and machinery that are difficult to replicate in developing countries.

Since our founding in 1934 and up until today, we have cultivated and meet the high quality standards of the micro cutting technology that we have gained in manufacturing watch components. From the 1/50th thinness of the past, we now have the technological skill to fabricate down to 1/100th, and as such we have been chosen by both domestic and international customers through our ultra-micro and highly precise craftsmanship.

Artisans' technique passes down through generations.

Tool bits (blades) are manually polished

Since machine tools need to be polished in 1/100mm level, the artisans’ mature technique is necessary. Due to the microscopic size of what is being created, even minuscule differences (sharpening method of the blade, machinery adjustments, etc.) will greatly affect the product. Not to mention, a minor difference in the angle of the blade tip could directly lead to manufacturing defects. AIKOSHA’s in-house method is to manually sharpen the ultra-hard brazing tools (blades).

Tool bits (blades) are manually polished

Adjusting machine tools requires experience and intuition

Although machine tools (CNC precision automatic lathe) are computer-controlled, before the fabrication get started, adjustments are conducted manually and they require the artisans’ experience and intuition. Even though a minor mechanical adjustment could greatly affect the products. The experience and technique of the artisans are necessary for fabricating microscopic components under φ0.1mm. At AIKOSHA, in order to continue making the world’s smallest products, we have continuously passed down our technique to the next generations for years.

Adjusting machine tools requires experience and intuition

Each and every item is given a final check with human eyes

Microfabrication items and precision processed items that were fabricated by computer-controlled machines are given final visual checks (via human eyes) before shipment. Dimensions are measured with specialized instruments, and the exteriors are visually checked by human eyes using a microscope. In the clean room at AIKOSHA, we also assemble micro components.

Each and every items are given final checks via the human eye

Contact probes are increasingly required to be more microscopic

Products that use semiconductors that are utilized all over the world have continued to be more user-friendly, smaller, and more miniature. Therefore, the built-in semiconductor and the contact probes for its inspection are likewise required to be even more microscopic. As a result, AIKOSHA has been manufacturing contact probes that are φ0.1mm or smaller.

Contact probes are increasingly required to be more microscopic

Equipment and production system

Facilities and production system

We own more than 120 CNC precision automatic lathes, and offer a wide range of services from small batch prototyping to mass production of hundreds of thousands of units per month.

We are well-equipped in not only 120 of the latest facilities (CNC precision automatic lathe), but measuring systems for microfabrication items that cannot be inspected by the naked eye. We can implement specialized inspections for small diameter pins and micro components.

  • From small batch prototyping to mass production

    Through the utilization of 120 units of CNC precision automatic lathes, we can support inquiries for small batches (several hundreds of items) to medium size batches (several tens of thousands of items). We will manufacture the requested items in the requested amount of batches that are required by our customers.

  • Quality Assurance (structure building)

    We guarantee and offer from and to: Production plan (CNC precision automatic lathe) -> Cutting (polishing tool bits and programming) -> In-process inspection -> Cleaning (cutting oil and deburring) -> Secondary fabrication (plating, etc.) to Shipping inspections.

  • Assembling in the clean room

    Inside our clean room, we provide customized assembly of micro components through the utilization of various types of fastening rivets and retainers for micro components, and microscopes.

A never-ending search of craftsmanship, and further improvements in the field of microfabrication and micro assembly

AIKOSHA was founded in 1934 in the city of Nagoya as a manufacturer of windup watches. Since then we have continued to hone our skills and foster engineers to pass down our technology and knowhow. By utilizing the micro fabrication technology that we have cultivated from watches, we have specialized in manufacturing contact probe components for the last 20 years. While continuing to stay true and refining our craftmanship skills, the technological capabilities of our company have attracted the notice from world-renowned major corporations with business opportunities, further enhancing our technological capabilities.

In recent years we have entered into the medical field of fabricating components for endoscopes, as well as starting the custom assembly of contact probes inside our clean room. We have expanded the range of our activities by utilizing the skills we have cultivated, and we will continue towards this path of refinement to further find success in the field of microfabrication and micro assembly.