Management Philosophy

Here we would like to introduce our vision, company policy, business objectives and philosophy, principles of conduct, and greetings from our president.


Here at AIKOSHA, our focus is on the field of energization
inspection of semiconductors, and will continue to be a
“company specializing in micro cutting” to support
the development of the world.

By combining the “growth” of each of our employees
with the “teamwork” of the entire company, we want
the “happiness” of every one of our employees, as well
as becoming a “100-plus year old company that
continues to be cherished by our clients.”

Supporting the development of the world
In order for the continued peace and happiness of our clients, employees, and their families,
through individual growth and teamwork

Company Policy (including Quality Policy)


Based on our “Customers-First” policy, we will continue to move forward and provide ideas that will satisfy our customers.


Based on our “5 Principles (On-site, Tangibility, Facts, Laws, and Rules)" and “Math and Logic-Based Thought,” we will pursue the truth and implement measures including lateral thinking.

Business Objectives FY20 (qualitative objectives)

Individual Growth
  • - Take responsibility and accountability, think for yourself and act accordingly.
  • - Take leadership.
  • - Do not fall back on past success, always take up new challenges.
  • - Learn, understand, and act.
  • - Show appreciation.
  • - Be “considerate” to listen to others and have the “courage” to voice your opinions.
  • - Always think of the Win-Win situation for both you and others.
  • - Finish what you started and never give up.

Management Philosophy

  • 1. Meet the social needs to minimize and weight reduction in order to provide products that meet the demands of the customers.
  • 2. Establish a Win-Win relationship with clients.
  • 3. Carry the mental fortitude to observe the laws and regulations, while being considerate of the environment, as well as contributing to the growth and development of society.
  • 4. Aim towards a society where employees find fulfillment in work and self-realization is possible.

Principles of Conduct

  • 1. Refine out micro manufacturing technology towards becoming a higher quality and value-added manufacturer.
  • 2. Respect all our clients and act diligently and sincere.
  • 3. Comply with the laws and regulations, as well as promoting ecological activities.
  • 4. Value harmony, while improving the professionalism of each and every employee towards the continued development of our company.

Greetings from the President

Through individual growth and teamwork, we are aiming to becoming a “100-plus year-old company that continues to be cherished by our clients.”
Greetings from the President

As we were approaching 2020, our executive management looked upon the following 3 questions and to review our vision.

[(1) Where? = Where are we going?] We have decided to focus our attention to the still-growing field of energization inspections for semiconductors to continue our efforts as a “company specializing in micro cutting” to support the development of the world.

[(2) Why? = Why do we exist, and for what purpose?] We have decided to continue on for the happiness and peace of our clients, employees, and their families.

[(3) How? = How do we realize our happiness?] We have decided to realize our growth and happiness through the multiplying “individual growth” and the “teamwork of the entire company.”

We look forward to continuing working with you, and we promise to push forward in our efforts to becoming a “100-plus year-old company” that is cherished by our clients, employees, and their families.

Representative Director and President: Fumihiro Hayakawa